After my daughter left for University in autumn 2017 my spare time led me to reignite my long-held passion for candles.

My love of candles has always been something I wished to pursue and the free time I suddenly had led me to joining a candle making class and it was not long before I was attending classes across the country. Soon becoming a passion, I quickly learnt that everyone wanted something different from the candles they bought. Whilst some valued the authenticity and environmental credentials of a candle, others sought a particular scent. Wishing to offer something for everyone the seeds to Pemberley Candles were sewn.

About Pemberley Candles

In the Spring of 2018 I started Pemberley Candles working out of my garden workshop and after months of developing, making and testing eco-friendly soy candles I  now take orders through the website.

Candle Making Workshops

My passion for candles really began at the candle making workshops I attended over the year and led me to hosting my own classes in Hertfordshire to share the enjoyment of making candles with others. Since October 2018, Pemberley Candles has hosted regular candle workshops in a lovely village hall in the Chilterns offering classes to groups of up to six people (16+).  Alongside our workshops in Hastoe we also hold classes in another pretty venue in Childwick, St Albans.

Please read more on the Workshop page.